How to Calculate BMI (Body – Mass – Index) Formula?

The abbreviation of BMI is body mass index. This measurement is taken based upon a person’s height and weight. This measurement is very important as the result displays whether an individual has the correct weight for his height. The result also displays body weight whether it is excess weight, normal weight or underweight. BMI can be very different for every individual depending upon their lifestyle, eating habits, region and also their age. If the BMI shows the excess weight or obese or underweight it can be found by the range on which it falls. BMI is perfect to know whether your body weight is healthy or not.

The BMI table is separate for adults, children, and teens. Let’s see how the BMI table is categorized. This table is used for both and men. The contents of it are;

  • Severe thinness- if a person’s BMI is below the range of 16 they come under this category.
  • Moderate thinness- if the BMI of an individual is between the ranges 16 and 17 they come under this category.
  • Mild thinness- the persons BMI falling between ranges 17 to 18.5 come under this category.
  • Normal- the normal BMI range for any person is 18.5 to 25.
  • Overweight- the overweight BMI range is 25 to 30.
  • Obese 1- people fall under this class if their BMI is in between 30-35
  • Obese 2- the 35-40 is a range for obese class 2 individuals.
  • Obese 3- if the BMI is above the range 40 then they fall under this category.

How to calculate bmi formula

What are the risks when BMI says overweight?

If an individual is overweight then there are several health conditions and risks associated with it. The disease control and prevention center suggests that these conditions can occur.

  • The overweight problem is often associated with high blood pressure. This is one of the common risks associated with overweight.
  • There is good cholesterol in normal person’s body but overweight can cause bad cholesterol formation in the body which leads to other serious health conditions.
  • The person is also at risk of getting type 2 diabetic conditions.
  • Other health conditions stroke, bladder infections, breathing and kidney problems.

What are the risks when BMI says underweight?

  • Vitamin deficiency, anaemia and malnutrition.
  • Underweight problems can also cause bone weaknesses and other weakness problems.
  • The immune system may also be weak which may cause high possibilities of other diseases.
  • Hormonal imbalances can cause problems in menstrual cycle.
  • Increased risks are there even a person is underweight.
  • Anorexia and other problems can be also affecting the person.

What are the benefits of a healthy normal weight?

The healthy weight doesn’t been the fewer chances of health risks but also provides additional added benefits to that person.

  • The muscle and joints will be strong. Lesser joint and muscles pain occur.
  • Boosts up the energy and helps in doing so many activities without getting exhausted easily.  Helps in the overall health of the body.
  • Improved blood pressure. And proper regulation of fluids in the body.
  • Reduces heart-related risks and diseases. Enhances the whole circulatory system of the body.
  • Improved lifestyle and good sleep patterns.

A pair of female feet standing on a bathroom scale

The formula for finding BMI

There are many ways through which the BMI measurement of a person can be found. Some do it easily through the BMI calculator available on the internet. These EMI calculators make your job very easy. With just basic information such as body weight, height, and your age it can calculate your BMI accurately. It not only displays the BMI results in percentage but also says whether your body weight is normal, underweight or obese. If you still want to calculate your BMI for yourself then you can use this formula.  

For calculating BMI for adults

Metric method

                                                                BMI= kg/m2

  • This means your body weight in kilograms with height with square should be divided.  
  • The BMI calculations can be done with metric units or other units if want.


Imperial method

The BMI can also be found through the imperial unit method. The formula for it is;


The ponderal index method

 the PI method is similar to that of finding the BMI as it also measures the BMI with a person height and weight. The main difference between the two is in the PI method rather than square the height and weight formula they are cube is used.  

Method to find BMI in children and teens

Measurement of BMI for children may vary from calculating it for an adult. This is different and slightly difficult as teens and children experience growth constantly. Their body weights and height may be different each time when you check it. For children and at adolescence the BMI is calculated based upon their gender and age. The reason why professionals or health advisers test BMI with weight and height for children is because

  • Their weight changes every month.
  • Their body parts growth in each male and female body is very different and of different ages.
  • They grow taller every month.

The health advisers have a separate chat which suggests the gender of the child and what the correct BMI rate is for that specific age. The BMI calculators available online are separately developed to find BMI for children and teens. Unlike, as the adult’s calculator they can help you find accurate BMI with only the child’s age and gender. The BMI chart of children is categorized in the following way.

  • Below the five percentile, the child or the teen is considered as underweight.
  • If a child or teen falls under the range between 5 percentile and 85 percentile it is considered a healthy weight.
  • If the BMI ranges from 85to 95 percentile the weight of the child or teen is categorized as overweight.
  • More than 95 percentile the child or teens’ weight is considered obese.  

BMI is very accurate in predicting the health conditions relating to a person’s weight. Calculate your BMI and see how healthy you are.

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