How to get Rid of a Cold Sore Fast? Here are Some Tips for That!

Cold Sores, for some people, is a problem that comes occasionally and for others, it is a continuous struggle. Cold sores are known for their blisters and their appearance. These are caused by the virus called Herpes Simplex Virus.

According to the report given by the world health organization, about two-thirds of adults aged fifty and older are suffering from HSV-1. Michigan University’s health services provide the information that fifty percent of American kindergarteners are also found to suffer from such kind of virus.

We can see that the cold sores will not show symptoms for most of the times. Most of the people are unaware that they are suffering from this condition. The primary type of herpes disease contains oral or cold herpes, which is caused mostly by the genital sores. The genital herpes virus called the (HSV-2), and HSV-1 are different from each other. As I have read once in a medical journal cold sores appears typically on the upper part of the body, and they can also form around the area of the lips and mouth. They can come anywhere on the skin as well. It also appears on the tongue, which makes it harder for the patient to eat and adds a lot of discomforts. Sometimes the cold sores are wrongly understood as the canker sores and taken lightly.

How to get Rid of a Cold Sore Fast? Here are Some Tips for That!

The sores caused by the disease HSV-1 can sometimes last for a week. They can clear on their own without any intrusion. Knowing the nature and the cause of the cold sore is really important as it helps to cure in the right way and effectively as well.

Effective cures for the bothersome sores!

There are several home remedies which I have gathered from the people I know for my dad, who was suffering from the onslaught of cold sores. This is a matter which needs immediate attention because once a cold sore attack; it is hard to get rid of it. So the one way to get rid of it is to check for the signs and search for the remedies to do away with it. Here are some of the methods which can help you to deal with the crisis of severe sores. They are active in cases of milder sores which look small however not an excellent solution for severe sores caused by the violent virus. You may have to consult the doctor if you have that kind of issue.

Know about the early signs!

You can check for symptoms on the cold sores prone parts like the face and other parts of the body too. You may feel a tingling, itching, burning feeling around the skin, and when you do so, it is necessary to take precautions because this may be the sign of cold sores.

Keep the medications at your reach!

People who are affected by cold sores frequently should have related medications at home. There are specific medications which your doctor would have given you. You can use it at the earliest stage if you find one sore on the parts of the skin. The medication can end the other sores from appearing. Many medications have been proven to work as a cure to the cold sore. It can also reduce the time of healing. The medicines are available through prescription. They are made in two different types. One is available in cream form, and another is available in the form of pills. You can use the one which is comfortable for you. Anti-Viral medications are suitable for most people. However, some people have to be careful and consult with the doctor first before taking the medicines. Getting the prescriptions from the doctors is most important of all. People who are ready with the medications can take the medicines when they see the first signs rather than waiting for another cold sore from arising.

Know about the silent triggers!

Many people only search for the medications that work overnight because they are embarrassed to take it during the day. But they have to consider the fact that if they take the medication sooner, it will put an end to the appearance of the cold sore, saving them from more problems. The spread of the virus can be limited too if you are living in a small setting and take the right medicine. You can know the triggers that evoke the cold sores.

  • That stressful feeling.
  • Certain foods you eat.
  • Lack of proper sleep.
  • A lot of exposure to sun and wind.
  • Any type of illness or surgery.
  • Changes in the hormones mainly during the time of menstruation and when taking birth control pills.
  • The weak state of your immune system.

You can keep a diary to note down the points that trigger the cold sores. It can help you to remember to avoid such situations.

Get cured at home too! (Natural Home Remedies)

Get cured at home too! (Natural Home Remedies)

  • The over-the-counter products are tea tree oil, antibacterial agents, menthol, etc.
  • Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide may aid to dry the sore and enhance healing.
  • The topical or oral numb provoking medicines can be found in pharmaceutical stores. These remedies are safe for children with cold sores as well.
  • You can also use the cold or the ice packs as they may help with the inflammation caused by the cold sores. They may aid to heal the pricking and irritation.

These are some of the remedies you can use to get rid of the annoying cold sores. Please keep in mind that immediate medical attention is a must for a severe type of cold sores.

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