What can I do to Stop Snoring while Sleeping? [Best Tips]

More than 45 percent of healthy adults snore when they sleep, and most people sleeping next to them have experienced how loud people can snore. Snoring can be quite disturbing for the person sleeping/napping in the same room. The fact is that many adults are not even aware that they snore while sleeping. This person may also be mocked at family gatherings. Even though snoring is not a serious disease, it may be very tough for that person to get rid of snoring. Snoring may be serious business as it may affect the good night sleep of the other person in that room.

I have personally experienced how it feels to sleep next to a person who has a loud snoring issue. Many of the marriages are in real problems due to this snoring issue. Many spouses have lost a peaceful sleep as their partner has snoring issues. Even my friends would make jokes about how their spouses snore. This is an experience said by one of the friends that snoring was a very common issue for everyone in their family, but they understood the seriousness of it only after they read a popular journal which said that snoring might be related to heart diseases.

Time for a Medical Examination

However, it was also said that not all snoring issues are related to heart diseases. Many people who snore are likely to have sleep apnea which creates this nuisance. Self-medication and taking pills without prescription is not likely recommended for snoring. A medical examination is required to know what is really making you snore. Snoring is related to many things. There may be underlying health problems due to snoring, or there may be no problem related to it as a person may snore when they are exhausted and tired.  Self-medication is not prescribed as many snoring pills marketed are not scientifically studied, and there is no assurance that it may be suitable for your snoring problem. You can use some products and devices for this, but if you want a good permanent solution, then you need to figure out other ways.

One kind health adviser advised a member of my family to not worry about snoring. One thing what everyone needs to understand is if you are a person who has snoring issues then do not stress over it. More than often people snore only for some period in their life and automatically stop snoring at nights. This becomes worse when they travel. This is possible because we unknowingly make lifestyle changes which can put a stop to snoring.

Tips/Tricks to Stop Snoring While Sleeping!

Even minor changes in your sleeping style or lifestyle could completely be a solution to this problem. There are some of the lifestyle changes which my health adviser prescribed to one of my family members. We all know that everyone’s lifestyle is completely different, and the snoring issues range from loud snoring to mild snoring. This practical suggestion by my health adviser has really worked for my family member. It is absolutely amazing that he now only snores occasionally. This remedy may not work on everyone but give it a try because there are high possibilities that it can be the solution. Here are our anti-snoring tips for both male and female! You can consider these as treatments and follow because some of them are proven methods to stop snoring completely.

1. Try to Change Your Sleeping Position

Try to Change your Sleeping Position

Lying on your back may collapse your throats back wall as your tongue, and the soft palate may subside this may because vibrating noise when you sleep. It is difficult to change the Sleep position suddenly as a person may feel comfortable sleeping that way. However, you can sleep on your side with the help of a body pillow. Even after making a change in your sleep position if there is no considerable change, then you may have sleep apnea. A medical advisor can help you to get rid of that condition.

2. Try to Reduce Weight

Try to Reduce Weight

I also got stumped when the health advisor gave this suggestion. I began to wonder how weight is related to snoring because I have seen thin people snore too. However, I was satisfied with the explanation the health advisor gave. He said that if a person has not snored before; however, after gaining some weight, he may develop the snoring habit. He further said that weight gain around your neck might compress the throats diameter causing a triggering or vibrating noise. Try reducing weight and see whether the snoring issue continues or not. You can try working out and doing some exercises every day. I would personally prefer yoga for this.

3. Try to Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Try to Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Many people cannot stop drinking alcohol. However, if you are very much determined to stop snoring, then getting rid of this habit or limiting the amount of it may be necessary. It is a proven fact that the sedative elements in alcohol minimize the resting tone of your back muscles of the throat. A person who has had alcohol four or five hours before sleep can snore at night. If you are already facing a snoring problem, then there are chances that it may worsen. Keep your food diet in control as well.

4. Try to Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Try to Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

To make a positive change to get rid of snoring, you can try to sort out the ways which can lead you to develop good sleep hygiene. Poor sleep hygiene can cause a great effect on your lifestyle. As for my relative, one of the main causes of snoring was his poor sleep hygiene. The time you eat dinner, the time you go to the bedroom, the time you wake up matters for your sleep hygiene. Sometimes good sleep is all you need to stop snoring. If you are overly exhausted and tired, this may make your muscles floppy causing noises.

5. Try to Sleep with your Nasal Passage Open

Try to Sleep with your Nasal Passage Open

You can tell your loved ones to check how you are snoring. If you are snoring through nose passage, then it can be concluded that your snoring starts from the nose. This snoring occurs during deep sleep as your nasal passages are not open. Many people unknowingly breathe air through their mouth rather than their nasal passages. During the night, the person may close their mouth and sleep. As air rushes through your nose to this may cause the snoring sound.

For most of people snoring is a common problem as it is related to their lifestyle, especially in public places. Do not put yourselves in risk by taking snoring pills and sprays without a proper prescription. You can have some medicine but only the ones provided by the doctor or physician. You can try out the above-mentioned tips to stop and prevent snoring. If it doesn’t work out, then don’t hesitate to visit a health advisor or medical practitioner. Always follow the natural tips first. Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts or if you have any solutions which worked for you personally.