What Causes Hiccups? How to Stop them? [Solutions Here!]

Hiccups are really funny when they start. When the hiccups don’t stop, it is really annoying. We all have experienced hiccups now and then. Have you ever wondered how a hiccup starts or where they come from? Hiccups are weird as you don’t have control over when they happen. It is quite embarrassing to get hiccups in a business meeting or in quite a place where people can hear your hiccups. I have had this awkward hiccups experience, and I ended up to research about hiccups, they are quite interesting too learn about. Basically, hiccup starts from the diaphragm, and this muscle is located between your lungs and stomach. The membrane pulls down and relaxes when you inhale or exhale. This is performed by the diaphragm to flow out the air through your nose and mouth properly. If this process irritates the diaphragm, there are possibilities that it may make you suck air and hits right at the voice box creating a hic! Sound. Many never bother about hiccups, but there are many interesting facts about it which you need to know. Hiccups are caused due to several reasons. This tells that whenever a hiccup suddenly occurs is not because of one reason, but there are several reasons behind it. Hiccups can occur due to physical as well as due to emotional factors. Some of the reasons why your hiccups may happen are:

  • If you are a person who eats very quickly when hungry, then you will likely get hiccups many times.
  • One emotional reason for getting hiccups is if you feel very nervous, panicky, or anxious, then you may get hiccups. Even if a person is very excited hiccups can occur.
  • Consuming beverages which are highly carbonated or alcoholic beverages can also cause hiccups.
  • Change in temperature can cause hiccups.
  • Swallowing air when eating candies or any other food can cause hiccups.

Many are not aware that some people get hiccups for a more extended period. One of my colleagues got hiccups, and it continued for about one whole day. Sometimes prolonged hiccups may go away by itself. However, if your experience hiccups which is there for more than two days and if it is disturbing your lifestyles such as eating, working, or sleeping, then you can visit a health adviser. My colleague couldn’t do his work correctly when the hiccup lasted for one single day. When he visited the health adviser, it was told by them that it was a normal hiccup. However, the health adviser shared with us some of the problems of prolonged hiccups. When the diaphragm related nerves get damaged, then the hiccups can last for more days, and this situation needs to be examined by the health adviser.

What Causes Hiccups? How to Stop them? [Solutions Here!]

Hiccups which last for many days can be a symptom of nervous system issues such as meningitis, metabolic disorders, or even kidney failure. It does mean that we all should stress over whenever we get a hiccup. The health adviser also told that most of the hiccups are commonly standard and they will automatically getaway. Sometimes medical procedures which require anesthesia can also cause a hiccup. If you have a prolonged hiccup with symptoms such as stomach ache or vomiting sensation, then seek medical help. A health advisor will adequately examine your condition and will let you know the primary cause of your hiccup.

To stop hiccups, we all would have tried many things like telling a friend to scare us, but this may not work on everybody. When my colleague visited the health adviser, he was said to follow some of the remedies which were suggested. Rarely doctors prescribe medicine for hiccups. If you want to get rid of hiccup immediately, then follow these remedies. Whenever I get a hiccup, these remedies save me from embarrassment. Let’s see if it works on you too.

Remedies to stop your hiccup

Remedies To Stop Your Hiccup

  • Trying to hold the breath for at least thirty seconds can help in decreasing hiccup. This may seem very funny to some, but holding breathing stimulates a nerve called vagus which will help in reducing the hiccup immediately.
  • You can quickly get rid of a hiccup by just drinking a glass full of water. I always follow this remedy, and my hiccup vanishes immediately. You can also put some sugar on your mouth first and drink water; this is the best remedy for the hiccup. Try not to eat the sugar instead try gulping it with the water.
  • Pulling your tongue hard is a different remedy, but it will definitely help you to get rid of a hiccup.
  • Try to bite a lemon when you get a hiccup this will stimulate your nerves, putting a stop to your hiccup.
  • Gargling is a great way to stop your hiccups we also know that gargling is right for your throat so try this home remedy to stop your hiccup.

Many adults don’t even bother about hiccups. They think a hiccup is as simple as a burp. However, hiccups can be very much disturbing for children. Many at times infants also get hiccups. The above remedies can be useful for them as well. However, if an infant receives a hiccup and you don’t know what to do, then you can follow these below-given tips.

  • If your child gets a hiccup when they are eating, then stop feeding them until the hiccup goes away. If you try to feed the child even when they get hiccup, they are possibilities that the food will get stuck in the food pipe.
  • Usually, hiccup may automatically go away in infants; you can give them water whenever they get a hiccup. This may relax them, and the hiccup will vanish by itself.
  • Never feed an infant when they are hungry; this may cause quickly eating the food causing hiccup.

If your child’s hiccup is not stopping, then you can take them to the pediatrician. From my hiccup research, I learned that hiccup could not be prevented. However, there are changes which you can make to avoid getting a hiccup. Eating food quickly, overeating, drinking alcohol too much can be avoided.

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