What causes Kidney Stones? Reasons and Explanation here!

Kidney Stones also called as renal lithiasis and nephrolithiasis are the substantial deposits of the mineral and salts that are created internally in the kidneys. Having been a sufferer of kidney stones for many years, I have looked at several medical treatments and home remedies to take care of it. I have actually become an expert in handling well with the issue of the stones when they turn to be severe. A life with kidney stones can be tough to cope. There will be pain that can range from medium to severe. It all depends on the size of the stone and its particular location in the kidney.

I learned from the medical practitioners who treated me that the kidney stones can be formed because due to several reasons. It can happen from your kidneys to the bladder. The stones from the urine can become hard, which will make the mineral to crystallize and gum together.

What causes Kidney Stones? Reasons and Explanation here!

The painful process is the passing of the kidney stone, which I speak from my experience. Though the stones do not cause any particular damage, when ignored can become severe. The stone can look as small as the grain of the sand. Some stones can pass in the urine without an issue. However, a bigger one can block the urine and will hurt so much that some people I know say that it is worse than the painful agony of childbirth, and it might be dangerous too.

The black hard particles can form, and the minerals can block the urinary tract. There are some things which the doctors ask when you are diagnosed with a kidney stone. They may ask details about the medications you are taking and also if you have a family member who had a kidney stone. These are not contagious as well, even physically.

Reasons for Kidney Stones

These are some of the causes which may lead to stone in the kidney. But there are also other reasons I have gathered from the people I know and from my own personal experience. Here are some of them.

Less intake of Water

You need to release urine often, which shows the water content in your body. If you find that you are not going to release the harmful toxins out more often, there is undoubtedly a concern because the excess and unreleased water can form into stone. If you are not drinking enough water to meet your body’s fluid needs, you are creating a situation for the kidney to build the stone. If the water intake is not enough or you sweat more, your urine may look dark. However, when you drink water which your body needs the color of the urine will be pale yellow to clear.

If you have already suffered issues because of a kidney stone like me, you will usually urinate a measure of eight cups of urine. So you can drink enough water to pee more about ten cups a day. Drink juices like citrus drinks with water if you want to add a bit of flavor. The citrus in orange and lemon juice can help in stopping the stone formation. What you eat and drink plays a massive part in the creation of kidney stones. So only eat a diet prescribed by your doctor.

Consumption of sodium

Sodium can be added by the intake of table salt. This can, however, increase the chances of getting many types of kidney stones. So eat less of the salty snacks, preserved food, tinned foods, packaged meat, and other types of processed food. This is one of the issues which is the most common cause of kidney stone because today many people prefer to take instant food. This is actually the reason why I was diagnosed with a kidney stone. I took a lot of salt in the food I ate. So I gradually reduced the intake of salt to lessen the content of sodium in my body. This has helped me a lot because now the condition has become less severe than before.

Intake of animal protein

Another kind of kidney stone forms when the urine is too acidic. The animal proteins such as shellfish and red meat can increase the uric acid in your body. This can formulate in the joints and can cause gout to form in the kidneys to create the stone. Animal protein can raise the level of calcium and also lessen the level of citrate, which is the primary particle that causes the formation of stones.

Gut issues

People having inflammatory bowel disease are more prone to the issue of kidney stones. The problems like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are some of the difficulties of the bowel disease. The complications in the bowel can give rise to diarrhea. This will, in turn, lead to urinating less. The body can take additional oxalate from the intestine. This can get to the urine. So check with the doctor if you want to take extra care when the stone is formed.


Obese people are likely to suffer from the hitches of kidney stones. If the mass index of the body is thirty or above, you are considered overweight and more prone to stone formation. You can try the solution of weight loss surgery to lose some of the pounds. But take care to choose the operation which suits your body condition because some surgeries like Roux-en-Y gastric bypass can lead to the status of kidney stones. People often ask if it’s something inherited too.

How to take care of yourself Kidney Stones

How to take care of yourself?

  • Drink a lot of water and other healthy fluids for acquiring the water content in the body. Avoid stress.
  • Consume less salt and fast food.
  • Choose lean meats instead of solid meat.
  • Watch out for the antacid component, which contains additional calcium. Ask the doctor what type of antacids is suitable for you.
  • The usual amount of calcium is, but a lot of it can be harmful.
  • Go to the doctor if you have serious pains.
  • If there is blood in the urine, get immediate medical attention.

Don’t confuse Cancer with Kidney Stones, visit a doctor or hospital quickly if you are serious about the symptoms. At last, we all are well aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure. Therefore take good care of your body, and avoid the issue of the stones before it comes fatal. Providing proper treatment makes it curable easily.

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